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Directions & Visiting Instructions

May 09, 2004

Danbury Federal
33 1/2 Pembroke Road
Danbury, Connecticut 06811-3099

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A Cab Company: 203-312-8294
Stanley's cab: 203-942-9574

Visiting Instructions

In order to visit, download this form and print it out. Send it to the prison, and at some point you'll be approved to visit. As she says, this can take a while, so leave a lot of lead time. Up to three adults can visit at one time (and unlimited children, in case your kid has never been to a Federal prison). She's really, really bored, so don't expect her to let you leave too soon.

When you make a right onto the prison grounds, go up the road until you see visitors parking. Park and then walk to the right out of the lot, but don't go to the building you'll see straight ahead (that's the really bad place). Rather, look up a hill to your left and you'll see a building - that's where you're headed. As long as you're on the list, there are no hassles once you're there. Most people are quite nice.

You can't bring ANYTHING in with you when you visit. You can't hand Piper a book or a magazine, all of that has to come through the mail. You can buy Piper a soda or a candy bar or a scary-looking chicken sandwich from one of the vending machines, so bring change. And honestly, it's really an intense experience to see Piper walk through the door in a prison uniform, so just keep that in mind.

- Larry

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